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Brothers and sisters: Yesterday (Gail's surgery) was a long and arduous day. We arrived as we were instructed to at 12 noon. God in his goodness helped us find reasonable parking only 2 blocks away. Then began a long wait. Surgery was scheduled for 2 PM, but didn't actually begin until nearly 7. We really felt the prayers of God's people holding us. Gail was courageous, just a bit frazzled by the wait. (5 hours). I finally got to see her in recovery at 12:15 PM. She was still pretty groggy, but her vitals were good, and the surgeon reassured me that the surgery had gone well. Thankful to Jesus for his tender care for both of us as we walked this through together. Your prayers mean the world to us. We love you all and are thankful for a body of brothers and sisters who know their God and held us up in prayer. Looking forward being with her today. I'll share updates as I'm able. Thank you church, for your loving prayers and faithful petitions to Our heavenly father...They really mattered!
-Pastor Scott